Once I was told that telling lies is never a good thing. Nonetheless when you feel frustrated and angry after a visit to the doctors it seems appropriate to do so. General Practitioners asses your health by checking your heart rate, temperature and response to a couple of reflexes. After this, you struggle explaining yourself about how sick you feel and then even feeling shy you ask your doctor for an excuse for a couple of days to be able to miss your calculus class. Skip work just by using fake doctor’s note.
Using a fake doctor note isn’t bad at all. Imagine all the time you can have to spend with your hobbies and friends, All youngsters have been dreaming of getting their diploma without having to put extreme efforts with their study. You now have that opportunity.
At the end of the appointment you leave the doctor’s office without any excuse and feeling rather weak for asking for an excuse to miss class. Arriving home makes you feel drained and your 20 calculus exercises are still laying on top of your desk waiting to be solved. The rate at which the health system has changed makes one wonder what are going to be the consequences in the long run. People seem to be more and more discontent with the medical attention.
General Practitioners are today the health police, they measure your health status and determine how above from the limit you are and from there determine if you deserve a medical invalidity or not, just as they measure your alcohol when you are driving and give you or not a fine. Health is not something that should follow ranges and limits, on the other hand health should be a personalized service in which everyone is different and have different needs.
Finally getting a fake excuse over the internet didn’t seemed too hard, I was indeed sick with a nasty stomach reflux and so I filled on one of those templates, emailed it early in the morning to the academic secretary and missed my two calculus classes, had enough time and energy to do the calculus exercises and got and high mark in the end.
You can get your doctor’s note for school by reading this article.